Campus Wellness is here for you

People in the Counselling Services lobby

Welcome, new and returning Warriors! Campus Wellness is excited to be here to support you as you come back to campus or are just arriving for the first time. Here’s an overview of some of the Campus Wellness services you can access as a University of Waterloo student:

  • Health Services – Student Medical Clinic: Provides compassionate, caring, and inclusive medical services to University of Waterloo students including walk-in and booked appointments for primary medical care; mental health office; on-site laboratory; sexually transmitted infection testing; immunizations and allergy injections; birth control dispensary, emergency contraception and pregnancy tests; nutrition services; and travel medicine.
  • Health Services – Family Health Clinic: Provides primary care to registered students with dependents, post-doctoral researchers, visiting scholars, and their families, including parents or siblings, who come to Waterloo to support individuals during their academic career at University of Waterloo.
  • Counselling Services: Provides inclusive, non-judgmental help to support your personal, interpersonal, and academic life through: Coping Skills seminars on subjects like self-care; workshops on skills like mindfulness, meditation, reducing anxiety, and more; individual counselling for personal concerns and coping skills; MATES peer support program; crisis intervention during difficult times; group therapy; and mental health training.

As you arrive on campus it might be helpful for you to think about some or all of the following things:

  • If you have a pre-existing mental health concern, think about setting up a mental health team early to support you as you navigate through university life. This could be either through our Counselling Services office or you might choose to visit a professional from off campus and that’s okay too. Just make sure you have your supports in place before you get stressed and need help.
  • Keep in touch with your support system at home, whether that’s your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, or mentors. Set up a regular Skype date with the people who have helped you in the past to share your successes and struggles.
  • If you had an individualized education plan in high school, think about approaching AccessAbility Services early in the term to set up any accommodations you might need pro-actively instead of right before exams, when you’ve already got so much on your mind.
  • If you are far from your family doctor, and you need regular medications or allergy shots, make sure to get your medical referrals transferred to Health Services at the beginning of the term.
  • Set up good self-care practices right from the start. Make sure to eat regularly, sleep well, get some exercise, and take time for yourself, even when things get busy. Making sure you keep a consistent self-care routine can help you weather hectic times like exams, assignment deadlines, and co-op applications.

Check out our Orientation to Wellness seminar to find out more about self-care and a larger list of wellness resources available to you on campus.

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