Optimizing your room for sleep success

Red alarm clockSleep has been proven to be a factor in academic success. According to a study from the University of Rome La Sapienza, students who get consistent sleep have a better capacity for learning and consequently better academic performance. As you are moving into your new rooms next week, whether they are on or off-campus, consider the following tips for setting up your room for sleep success:

  • Temperature. A hot room can be uncomfortable and difficult to change temperature quickly. A cooler room with lots of blankets at hand is recommended. That way you can easily change your temperature by adding or removing blankets.
  • Light. Try a blackout blind or sleep mask if you cannot control the light outside or inside your room. Turn off any screens (computer, television, phone, or tablet) when you turn off the lights to go to bed. The blue light value from most screens can actually tell your body to stay awake.
  • Noise. If outside noises bother you, try earplugs or white noise like a fan. If you find your room too quiet, try a soothing sleep music playlist on Spotify or YouTube.
  • Comfortable accessories. Choose bedding and pillows you like and fit your firmness preferences. Everyone has different preferences for pillows and often times the best pillow for you depends on whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach. The National Sleep Foundation has tips for choosing the right pillow.

    Bring a blanket with you from home that you associate with being comforted. You can use it to help calm your mind if you are worried the night before an exam, or if you are just missing home.
  • Don’t use your bed as a desk. Refrain from using your bed to pay bills, do work, or study. This way, when you go to bed, your body associates your bed with peaceful activities only.

For more information about Sleeping Well, see our Sleeping Well video seminar for facts and tips for healthy sleep habits.


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