Party smart this long weekend

Lake at night with camp fire

It’s the first long weekend of the summer and you’ve got plans: Maybe you’re to go to a friend’s cottage, exploring the great outdoors and camping, or even heading to a friend’s for a backyard campfire. If alcoholic drinks are a part of your celebrations, consider the following.

Drinking safely

  • Set your own limits – Don’t let others intimidate you into drinking more than you are comfortable with.
  • Pair with food and water – Make sure you eat before and while you drink. It can make a difference in how quickly you absorb alcohol. Alternate your alcoholic beverages with water or pop.
  • Do it yourself – Pour and measure your own drinks and be sure to count how many you’ve had.
  • Keep an eye on it – Don’t leave your drink unattended.
  • Safe travels – Never drive after drinking and don’t leave a party with someone you don’t know.

How to help a friend who might be intoxicated

Maybe you aren’t a drinker and that’s just fine too! If you have a friend who over does it this weekend:

  • Help them home – Plan to be a designated driver or offer for a friend who drinks more than they planned.
  • Recognize signs of severe intoxication - Being uncoordinated, confusion, sudden mood changes, speech becomes slower or slurred, inability to focus, and loss of consciousness.
  • Stay with them – Don’t leave a friend alone if you think they are too intoxicated.
  • Get them professional help – If a friend shows signs of alcohol poisoning, get them professional help by calling 9-1-1 and put them in the BACCHUS position until help arrives. See our Health topic on responsible drinking for more information

When it comes to drinking this long weekend, remember to 1) know your own limits and 2) follow safe practices to enjoy the summer long weekend kickoff responsibly.

For more information, see the CAMH Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines.

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