Reasons to get the flu shot

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We’re in the middle of cold and flu season. Getting the flu can impact your ability to attend your classes, complete assignments or attend to other commitments like going to work or seeing family. The flu can keep you off your feet for from 2 – 14 days. Have you got your flu shot yet?

The Region of Waterloo Public Health department defines the flu as “a serious, acute, respiratory infection that is caused by a virus.” People who get the flu typically have a fever, chills, cough, runny eyes, sore throat, stuffy nose, muscle and headaches, fatigue, and extreme weakness. Public Health notes that influenza typically lasts two to seven days but some symptoms, like a cough and fatigue can persist for several weeks. People can get quite sick from influenza, requiring hospitalization and in some cases, the flu can even cause death from complications. Even healthy, young people should get the vaccine, to avoid missing work or school, but also to avoid spreading influenza to people who might not have as well-developed of an immune system.

Reasons to get the influenza vaccine

There are so many reasons to get the flu shot, including:

  • Avoiding sickness and helping others with a high-risk of flu complications.
  • People in high-risk categories are strongly encouraged to get the influenza vaccine. Find out if you are in a high-risk category at the National Advisory Committee on Immunization website.
  • You can carry the influenza virus and spread it to people who are at high-risk of complications without ever having symptoms.
  • Flu Vaccines are free at Health Services with an appointment.
  • The Flu shot does not cause the flu.

Getting the flu shot can be an effective way to maintain your health through cold and flu season. By avoiding the flu, you save time and energy for more important things like class, hanging out with friends, and visiting family members who might be at a high-risk for flu complications. You can make an appointment at Health Services to get your shot by calling 519-888-4096.

Sources: Region of Waterloo Flu Publication

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