Smoking cessation supports available from Campus Wellness

Health Services waiting room

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking in 2018? If yes, Campus Wellness has a variety of supports and programs to help you stick to your goals.

Health Services appointments

If you are interested in quitting or need help sticking to your goal, you can make an appointment with a Health Services physician to discuss your options. Options might include nicotine replacement therapy, medication, or smoking cessation counselling. Your physician will speak with you about what options are best for your particular situation.

Peer Health Education – Leave the Pack Behind

Leave The Pack Behind is a provincially funded young adult-focused tobacco awareness and cessation program found on every provincially-funded college and university campus in Ontario.

Leave The Pack Behind offers products and services for all students, whether they are non-smokers, social smokers, daily smokers, or ex-smokers. Leave The Pack Behind provides free, easily accessible, do-it-yourself programs and services that were developed by young adults, for young adults. Leave The Pack Behind offers free nicotine replacement therapy (e.g., the nicotine patch or nicotine gum) online through their website and in person at Health Services. Leave The Pack Behind also offers self-help booklets to students interested in quitting smoking that provide tips for success.

Every year, Leave The Pack Behind offers a contest that encourages young adults to quit smoking, cut back on how much they smoke, stop smoking when they drink alcohol, or stay smoke-free for 6 weeks (from January 29 – March 11, 2018) for the chance to win up to $2,500. Any student, regardless of whether they smoke or not, can register for the contest at until January 28, 2018.

Strengthening Motivation seminar

Counselling Services Strengthening Motivation seminar helps you to examine your values and find strategies for goal setting that can help you figure out how to set achievable goals. The next seminar is Wednesday, January 31st from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Health Services room 2302. You can sign up on LEADS to attend.

Contacts and resources

Quitting can be tough, but it is worth it. For more information about smoking cessation, the Leave The Pack Behind website has a number of helpful suggestions and resources. To set up an appointment to speak with a physician at Health Services, call 519-888-4096.

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