Trans Health Care

To serve our transgender student health needs at the University of Waterloo, Health Services provides inclusive Transgender care. Transgender primary care at Health Services is offered by physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, & dietician. Our staff have the specific training, knowledge, and skills necessary for providing best-practice focused care for transgender and gender diverse patients. Services provided at the clinic encompass general health care and assessments, referrals for surgery, hormone therapy, nutrition services and mental health support.

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If you are interested in reaching out to Health Services for Transgender care, and/or for further information or self-referral, students can schedule a confidential Trans Health appointment with one of our clinicians at Health Services to discuss their physical and mental health needs.

Call 519-888-4069 to book an appointment, or visit Health Services on campus.

Health Services is committed to continuously working together to improve LGBT+ patient care and access to services.

Additional Information 

Names & pronouns 

Your name in our Campus Wellness system reflects your name in the University system. However, during registration, inform staff of your pronoun and preferred name. These changes will be noted in your medical records and respected by Health Services staff.  To change your name through the Registrar’s Office, please refer to instructions through FEDS Trans Resources.

Gender inclusive restrooms

All of our Health Services washrooms are gender-inclusive. Staff can direct you to the closest restroom/changing area.

Health insurance 

Both UHIP and OHIP cover healthcare provider appointments at Health Services for transitioning and questioning students. If you have been prescribed hormones, and wish to have the cost covered by your student benefit plan, log onto Student Care to access the Restricted Drug Use Form. Alternatively, you can request a copy of this form through Health Services, in which you can then fill out and submit for medical director approval.  

If you have questions regarding coverage, consult your insurance carrier, Student Care online, by phone: 1-866-369-8794 or visit the on-campus Health & Dental Plan office located within Health Services (Room 1006).

Additional Resources 

On-campus resources:

Off-campus resources:

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