Wellness podcast and app recommendations

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Podcasts and apps can be an excellent complement to your self-care routine. The Campus Wellness blog will be posting recommendations for podcasts and apps that might help you find motivation or cope with stress. These recommendations are made for educational purposes only, for health and wellness advice, always speak with your doctor or make an appointment with a counsellor.

Podcast recommendation

Title: Love Yourself Up with Jodi Aman

Favourite episodes: “Stress vs. Anxiety” and “How to Build Self-Confidence”.

Jodi Aman is a psychotherapist in the US who publishes regular short podcasts on topics like building your self-confidence, and strategies for dealing with anxiety. Her website also features videos on stress and anxiety topics.

Average length: Episodes are four to eleven minutes long. You could listen to a four-minute episode on the walk from Dana Porter library to the SLC. You could listen to an eleven-minute episode on the walk from UW Place to Dana Porter library.

App recommendation

Name: Yoga Plus

What it is: A yoga app.

Cost: Free – If you purchase the Pro version you can access additional courses and classes.

What it does: Yoga Plus offers a variety of yoga routines you can follow along with if you can’t make it or prefer not to attend a class in person. The classes can be short (three minutes) or a little more involved (twelve minutes). When you open a class a video displays that shows you the yoga pose and has a countdown timer to show you how long to hold it for. You can also change the camera perspective to see a different view of the pose. If you want more information about a particular pose, you can search the library, which provides more information, including pictures from each side and written instructions for each pose.

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