Why take a seminar or workshop from Campus Wellness?

students in a workshop with a facilitator

Interview with Gursharan Kahlon

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your work here at Campus Wellness.

I am a counsellor here and spend most of my time in health services, and a few evenings at needles Hall. My main jobs are seeing clients, coordinating the coping skills program, walk-in counselling sessions at Needles Hall, being involved with Mates debrief supervision and being the liaison for Applied Health Sciences faculty. I also run the Alleviating anxiety seminars, and currently working on starting up a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) group in fall.

2. What are some seminars and workshops happening from Campus Wellness?

There are many seminars and workshops happening like the coping skills seminars which include challenging thinking, thriving with emotions, cultivating resiliency and empowering habit change. These seminars are held all three terms sharing an hour of valuable content and alleviating anxiety two-hour seminars are held once every month each term.

3. What typically happens at a workshop and seminar?

The beauty of the coping skills seminars is that you come in, sign up, grab the material and you listen to the PowerPoint presentation packed with useful information for one hour. There is no need for participation, answering any questions, or sharing any information about yourself. The alleviating anxiety seminars have a similar structure, but the first half is educational and the second is more experiential learning exercises were the participant can choose to participate. Those who sign up for process groups like Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, and the mindfulness group are encouraged to participate because they can get more out of the group if they participate. Our goal with these seminars and work groups are to give people the information they need to put into practice right away.

4. Why should I attend a seminar or workshop from Campus Wellness?

There are many good reasons to attend. First, you will find out you are not alone when you attend any seminars or groups. Other individuals may be struggling with similar kinds of issues at these workshops and groups. You also get plenty of information within the hour or two depending on the workshop for example if you want to manage your emotions better, there is a full hour about what are emotions, how to recognize them, process them, etc. Another reason to attend a seminar is you get immediate skills and strategies that you can put into practice.

5. How do I sign up?

If you want to sing up or looking for more information, visit the seminar, workshops, and group therapy resources page.

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