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Making friends as an introvert

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While many people look forward to the start of the school term as a time of new beginnings and to meet new people, for an introvert this time can be quite difficult. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, an introvert is a person for whom social situations can be difficult due to their shy nature. The idea of meeting new people, remembering new names, and trying to make new friends can cause stress and anxiety. Here are some ways to help reduce the stress of making new friends:

Wellness podcast and app recommendations: mindyourmind and Headspace

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Podcasts and apps can be an excellent complement to your self-care routine. The Campus Wellness blog will be posting recommendations for podcasts and apps that might help you find motivation or cope with stress. These recommendations are made for educational purposes only, for health and wellness advice, always speak with your doctor or make an appointment with a counsellor.

Campus Wellness is here for you

People in the waiting area at Counselling Services

Welcome, new and returning Warriors! Campus Wellness is excited to be here to support you as you come back to campus or are just arriving for the first time. Here’s an overview of some of the Campus Wellness services you can access as a University of Waterloo student:

Wellness podcast and app recommendations: Anxiety Slayer and MindTools

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Wellness podcast and app recommendations

Three things you can do today to calm your mind

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Studies haven’t concluded yet how many thoughts we have in a day, but different results have found people can have anywhere between 12,000 and 70,000. These numbers can feel overwhelming during times of heightened stress and anxiety, as it can be difficult to stop the constant stream of worry and negativity that floods your mind. So what can you do to slow down the flow of thoughts running through your mind?

Being your own advocate

Advisor and student talking

Have you ever spent a long time thinking about how to ask for something from someone, only to have that person not respond or dismiss your concerns? Or have you ever stayed up at night thinking about other ways a recent conversation could have gone?

Mindfulness and meditation for stress reduction

Meditation by the lake

You may have seen a recent study from University of Waterloo that found that 10 minutes of meditation can help anxious people focus in stressful situations.

Five tips for self-care

Girl making a heart out of sparklers

Self-care is the practice of taking care of your physical and psychological needs. When you practice self-care consistently you are more able to weather the ups and downs of life. Periods of stress are unavoidable for most, so regularly practicing self-care ensures you are equipped with a toolbox of strategies to help you get through them.


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