Faculty and staff supporting students

Oftentimes faculty or staff members are the first to notice a student might be struggling or in distress. You can provide useful information to assist the student in getting help. You should not take on the role of parent or counsellor or try to diagnose a student.

When responding to students needing support, it is important to understand the following steps:

  1. Recognize the indicators of mental illness
  2. Respond to the student in a way that is appropriate to the situation at hand and the existing relationship you have with the student
  3. Refer the student to the appropriate resources so that they can access the services available

The University offers online training about mental health and how you can respond and refer students needing further support, which you can find at More Feet on the Ground.

You can also participate in in-person training, for more information see our Training page.

If you'd like to put some Counselling Services information in your syllabus or course slides, you can download our Counselling Services Overview (PDF) or Counselling Services Overview Slides (PPT).