The following apps can be used as self-care tools or compliment ongoing therapy programs.

General mental health apps

Healthy Minds - A mood-tracking and problem-solving app - Android and iOS

Happify - A mood training and mindfulness app - Android and iOS

Meditation apps

Stop, Breathe and Think - Android and iOS

Calm - Android and iOS

Insight Timer - Android and iOS

Headspace - Android and iOS

Sleep apps

Relax and Sleep Well - Sleep hypnosis app - Android and iOS

Puzzle Alarm Clock - Android

Anxiety apps

Mindshift - An anxiety reduction app from AnxietyBC - Android and iOS

Anxiety Free - Self-hypnosis app - iOS

Stop Panic and Anxiety - A panic attack app - Android

Worry Box - For controlling and managing worry - Android

Breath2Relax - Stress management through breathing exercises - Android and iOS

Relax + - Relaxation programs - iOS

Depression apps - Goal and habit tracking app - iOS

Safety apps

Be Safe - A safety planning app - iOS and Android

Bipolar disorder apps

T2 Mood Tracker - Track your moods and emotions over time - Android and iOS

iMoodJournal - Mood journal, diary, and charting tool - Android and iOS

eMoods - Bipolar mood tracker - Android

Moodtrack Diary - Android