The following podcasts provide information on topics related to mental health and wellness. The views and opinions expressed in the podcasts do not necessarily reflect those of University of Waterloo.


Adventures in Happiness with Jessica Ortner
Average podcast length: 30-35 minutes
Example topics: How to Succeed Without Experiencing Burnout and How Mistakes Lead to Your Success

Earn Your Happy with Lori Harder
Average podcast length: Full episodes 1 hour, quick episodes 10-15 minutes
Example topics: Stop Suffering Over your Fears and 5 Ways to Stop Worrying


Anxiety Slayer
Average podcast length: 10-20 minutes
Example topic: 5 Habits to Help You Overcome Anxiety

The Anxiety Guy
Average podcast length: 12-17 minutes
Example topic: Turning Your Panic Switch Off


Love Yourself Up with Jodi Aman
Average podcast length: 4-8 minutes
Example topics: How to Build Self-Confidence and 5 Reasons to Let Go of Anxiety