COVID-19 Testing FAQs and Resources


            Keeping Well During the COVID-19 Pandemic

            The uncertainty of COVID-19 and the disruptions it has caused to daily life might be causing feelings of anxiety and stress. While these feelings are normal to experience—they should not consume your life. Remember, there is no normal way to react to these changes! We want to make sure that you focus on maintaining and fostering mental wellness.

            View our page on COVID-19 Wellness information.

            Health and Safety Reminders

            We all have an important part to play in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Please remember to follow public health guidelines and the University’s health and safety recommendations.

            If you are coming to campus, be sure to:

            Other COVID-19 Assessment and Testing Centres in Waterloo Region

            Please check out the Region of Waterloo website for other assessment centres in the region.