To serve our trans and non-binary identified student’s health needs, Health Services is revising our current care model to offer gender affirmative care. The aim is to establish gender identity supports, coordinate transition related care, and to work toward dedicating our clinic as a gender affirming safe space. Currently, transition related primary care at Health Services is supported by select physicians, nurses, and a dietitian. 

Primary care provision and transition related services for trans and non-binary students include:

  • Gender-affirming hormone (feminizing or masculinizing) therapy continuation, maintenance and monitoring 
  • Coordination of care and referrals (including initiation of hormones and reassignment surgery)
  • Counselling and consultation
  • Documentation and letters
  • Treatment and monitoring of temporary, acute and chronic illness
  • Appropriate preventative health care and cancer screening (PAPs, prostate, chest/breast exams, and more)
  • STI screening


If you are interested in gender affirmative care, and/or for further information or self-referral, students can schedule a confidential Intake Appointment with one of our trained nurses. We suggest first booking an intake appointment, which will allow us to get to know you, review your medical history, and collaborate together to establish a pathway toward optimal health.

If you are considering hormone therapy, we recommend learning more about this through Rainbow Health Ontario before your medical visit, to help identify topics you would like to discuss with your primary care clinician. Call 519-888-4096 or visit Health Services to book a confidential Gender Affirmative Care Intake appointment.

Mental Health Care  

Mental health service providers through Campus Wellness include physicians, psychiatrists, a mental health nurse, psychologists, and social workers. Counselling Services offers inclusive counselling and mental health services to support your academic, personal, career and health-related concerns. You may request counselling support through an Intake Appointment at Counselling Services in Needles Hall. Phone 519-888-4096 to learn more about our services and register for them.

Additional Information 

Names and Pronouns 

  • Your name in our Campus Wellness system reflects your name in the University system. However, during registration, inform staff of your preferred name(s) and pronouns. These changes will be noted in your medical records and respected by Health Services staff. 
  • As of winter 2020, your chosen/preferred first name listed in WatIAM will be used broadly across campus (e.g., LEARN, Quest, WatCard, etc.). Take a moment now to verify or add a preferred first name in WatIAM.
  • Additional instructions for name preference changes can be found through WUSA Trans Resources.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

  • Health Services washrooms are gender-inclusive. Staff can direct you to the closest restroom/changing area.
  • Across campus, there are also inclusive restroom options available. Refer to the Inclusive Washroom Map for these options.

Health Insurance 

Both UHIP and OHIP cover healthcare provider appointments at Health Services for transitioning and questioning students. If you have been prescribed hormones, and wish to have the cost covered by your student benefit plan, log onto Student Care to access the Restricted Drug Use Form. Alternatively, you can request a copy of this form through Health Services, in which you can then fill out and submit to Student Care for approval.

If you have questions regarding coverage, consult your insurance carrier, Student Care online, by phone: 1-866-369-8794 or visit the on-campus Health and Dental Plan office located within Health Services (Room 1006).

Other Resources 

On-campus Resources

Off-campus Resources:

Our offices are a place where human rights are respected and where LGBTQ+ people and their friends and allies are welcome and supported.