Campus Wellness launches Wellness Collaborative and Wellness Champions Story Series

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

As part of the Okanagan Charter commitments that University of Waterloo adopted in October 2018, Campus Wellness is launching a Wellness Collaborative. The collaborative is tasked with:

  • Being a University-wide collaboration led by Campus Wellness with representatives that include students, faculty and staff;
  • Using a holistic approach to health and wellness that is inclusive of everyone who lives, works, and learns at the University with an emphasis on mental health;
  • Leveraging existing wellness programs and initiatives; identifying gaps in services and supports; setting priorities for new health and wellness initiatives; and working with campus partners to implement those initiatives;
  • Responding to the unique needs and strengths of each Faculty, department and student group who will correspondingly share their insights and learnings with the collaborative; and
  • Sharing the University’s experiences and best practices with other campuses and broader society through dialogue with external stakeholders regarding health and well-being in universities.

If you are interested in learning more about the Wellness Collaborative or becoming involved, visit the Collaborative website to sign up for more information as the Collaborative gets moving.

In conjunction with the Collaborative, Campus Wellness is also launching the Wellness Champions Stories. Wellness Champions are individuals, groups, departments that currently embody the Okanagan Charter through their everyday work. These stories celebrate the strengths of our campus community that enhance wellness in our learning, working, and living environment.

The first Wellness Champion featured is Dr. Wade Wilson who incorporates moments of mindfulness into his lectures. Dr. Wilson’s approach to teaching is a little different than many students may be used to. “My approach to lecturing is to try to have an impact on students that is beyond just the content,” he says. In addition to Wade’s values of being respectful, open, and transparent; in his classes, students can expect to also learn life skills that can help them even beyond the classroom.

Wade, a lecturer in Kinesiology, a sports psychology researcher, and a mental performance consultant opens each lecture with a mindfulness exercise and discusses with his students how they can incorporate this strategy into their day-to-day lives. These exercises take very little time out from the classroom content and the feedback from his students so far has been great. To read more of Wade’s story visit the Collaborative website.

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