Campus Wellness Update and Resources Available

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fan of postersWe would like to share some resources for faculty and staff members who provide support to our students. We have spent the summer designing a new Supporting Our Students guide that is available both online and in print. This guide provides tips on how to recognize, respond to, and refer students in distress, as well as contact information for referral agencies both on and off campus. We hope you will find this resource helpful as a new term begins and a new group of students joins our community. We have additional resources you can request or trainings you can attend, including:

  • Do You Need Help decision tree posters
  • Campus Wellness promotional postcards
  • Mental Health Support business cards
  • Slides that you can display in your first lecture that identify what services are available on campus
  • QPR Mental Health Training
  • More Feet on the Ground Mental Health Training
  • safeTALK Mental Health Training

If you would like to request the Supporting Our Students guide, or any of our other resources, you can request them using our web form.

Some years ago, we recognized a need to provide better, more integrated service to students and streamlined intake for everyone on campus. We have worked to combine Health Services and Counselling Services into one department. Members of those departments along with administrative staff have worked over the last 4 years to affect that change. By integrating operations, we have been able to improve triage processes, communication between departments, access to services for our students, and enhance the role of health promotion on campus. We are happy to announce that at recent meetings the University Senate and Board of Governors approved the naming for our combined departments as Campus Wellness.

Campus Wellness is responsible for providing the same great care you are used to seeing from our units in Health Services and Counselling Services, but also so much more. Our new unit of Health Promotion is responsible for increasing health and wellness literacy on-campus and we continue to support the health and wellness of faculty and staff with the work of the Occupational Health unit. Under the leadership of the Associate Provost, Students, our units work together to bring a co-ordinated and connected approach to health and wellness on-campus.

Campus Wellness continually evolves and adapts to meet the needs of Waterloo students and the faculty and staff that support them. We look forward to working with you this school year as partners in wellness.

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