Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This movie presents the fieldwork that Luna Khirfan has conducted in Tobago in Summer 2013. Two students: Amelia Xin and Vivian Yu produced this movie during an independent study under the direct supervision of Luna Khirfan.

The movie documents how in conducting this fieldwork, Khirfan involved a team of nine undergraduate and graduate students from the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo and nine graduate students from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus.

The fieldwork itself consisted primarily of four design charrettes one of which functioned as a leadership forum with policy-makers and planners from the Tobago House of Assembly and from various agencies in the Central Government. The remaining three charrettes involved local stakeholders from the settlements located within the Partnership for Canada-Caribbean Community Climate Change Adaptation (ParCA) study area, namely: the twin towns of Bon Accord and Canaan in the southernmost tip of the ParCA study area; the town of Buccoo in the center of the study area; and the twin towns of Plymouth and Black Rock in the northernmost tip of the study area.

Design charrettes primarily serve as participatory design activities, however, Khirfan developed her research methodology to deploy them to serve a triad of purposes, namely: as data collection tools; as participatory design strategies; and as knowledge exchange media between the locals and the researchers.

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