Coastal coordinator

Jen GrahamSince 2006, Jen has been using the “Have Fun; don’t mind the mud” approach to coastal conservation in her work as the Ecology Action Centre’s (EAC’s) coastal coordinator as she encourages and nudges the province to adopt province wide coastal legislation and regulations. Prior to actually getting paid to work at the EAC, Jen was a long time volunteer who served on the Board of Directors, and was part of Nova Scotia’s first ever salt marsh restoration project in the Minas Basin. Jen has a degree in International Development Studies from the University of Toronto, as well as a master's in Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University. She has worked on community-based natural resource management projects in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, and developed and delivered training and capacity building programs.

Jen thinks the best part of her current job is travelling the province, seeing spectacular places, and meeting inspiring communities who are succeeding in conserving coastal areas and preventing needless destruction of coastal ecosystems and wildlife habitat. She is proud that she can sometimes help and encourage them in their amazing efforts to keep “Canada’s Ocean Playground” healthy.

Ecology Action Centre (EAC) in Nova Scotia