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Be Green on Canada Day

As we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, the University of Waterloo wants to do its part to ensure that future generations of Canadians will be able to enjoy 150 more years of prosperity. 

Green Ambassador

Watch for UW’s Special Event Green Team Ambassadors on Canada Day, appointed for on-field guest interaction and encouraging all our guests to be green.

Help us minimize our impact and protect our environment for future generations of Canadians.


  1. Bring your refillable water bottle
    Fill up at our free Water Bar
  2. Transit/Cycle/Walk/Carpool
    Use this free Travel Wise App for your transportation options from your house (type in our destination address as 200 University Ave. West Waterloo)
  3. Recycle and Compost​                                                       Composting found in our picnic area and recycling throughout the field

We want to see you riding your bike to the Canada Day celebration! If you are one of the first 100 bike riders to be spotted arriving at Columbia Field for Canada Day, you may be given a free bike light from the Region of Waterloo. Cycling to your destination is environmentally friendly and the practice of using bike lights is a provincial legislation. Do the environment AND Ontario a favour by riding your bike to Canada Day 2018 and equip your brand new bike light from the Region of Waterloo as soon as possible!

Protecting our environment is more important than ever before. Although we have always incorporated sustainable elements into our Canada Day event, this year we are enhancing our efforts and increasing our communication of these efforts with our event attendees.

Additionally, the University of Waterloo collaborates with the Federation of Student’s Sustainable Campus Initiative, a service run by dedicated student volunteers. It provides many environmental services to the University of Waterloo campus and its surrounding community. Its primary activities involve education and advocacy that help bring about positive behavioural and social changes in the community.