The Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) was initially and intentionally developed without government funding. As a result, the project has enjoyed a good degree of developmental independence.


The CIW's development phase was incubated at the Atkinson Foundation (AF), and they were the sole funder until 2004. From 2005-2010, AF leveraged support from a funders' alliance that included the Canadian Council on Learning, J.W. McConnell Family FoundationLawson Foundation, Province of Ontario, and the RBC Foundation.


In January 2011, after an extensive search by AF for a permanent home for the CIW, the University of Waterloo, Faculty Health was chosen. AF provided three years of transition funding that ended in 2013.

The University of Waterloo has provided some core funding, along with in kind support in the form of office space, IT and Communications support, and the time and expertise of faculty and staff. The CIW now operates entirely on project-based funding from research grants. 

Can you help?

The current lack of long term funding affects the CIW's ability to attract and retain researchers and knowledge mobilizers as the jobs we currently offer are contingent on funding, short term contracts. Funding for students (co-op, graduate research assistants), computer equipment, phones, national report releases, CIW network meetings, and other related research expenses (e.g., data purchases) are all paid through CIW research grants.

To donate: The University is a registered charitable organization. Thank you in advance for considering the CIW as part of your annual giving or as an endowed gift.