7 easy ways to boost wellbeing this summer

a summer picture of people relaxing by a pond

Celebrate! Leisure and culture is good for you…and for Canada

Fireworks celebration

It’s encouraging to see people flocking to national parks, historic sites and free cultural events to celebrate Canada’s 150th with their friends and family. It’s not just about national pride. It’s important for national wellbeing.

Increasing women’s wellbeing benefits us all

woman's face peeking through a crumpled leaf

Lower living standards, lower feelings of safety, and greater personal sacrifice for Canadian women

17 ways to improve your #Wellbeing in 2017

Forest road

In November the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) released a report showing a growing gap between how the economy is doing and Canadians wellbeing.

Welcome to 2016, everyone!

New Year's resolutions -- Fresh Start

Here we are in the middle of February already (wow). How are your resolutions holding up?

Food: privilege or human right?

Grinch-"Who feast"

"Who Feast" Illustration by Theodor Geisal (Dr. Seuss) in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Wellbeing and the flu shot

Cartoon of person experiencing flu symptoms

                                                                Image: The flu: don't pass it on! (video)

Isn’t this a lovely time of year? The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, our noses start running…

… yes, you read that correctly.

Activity involvement and wellbeing

List of hobbies

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