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Why is the CIW important?

What gets measured, gets talked about. And what gets talked about, gets acted on. How do we know if we are making progress in achieving a high level of wellbeing for all Canadians if we don't measure it and act on it?

The CIW has spent more than a decade creating a conceptual framework and metrics to effectively measure what changes have occurred to Canadians’ wellbeing so that we can understand what is happening and take informed action, as needed.

As a country, we spend considerable time and resources trying to provide a high quality of life for all. Despite the efforts of governments, NGOs, and the private sector, the CIW reveals in its recent national and Ontario reports that we are not achieving the desired outcomes.

Funding History

"The CIW is a powerful tool for evidence-based policy reform, public engagement, and inter-sectoral collaboration on urgent economic and social issues."

Colette Murphy, Executive Director, Atkinson Foundation

In the early years, the work of the CIW was funded entirely by the Atkinson Foundation. Since 2005, the CIW has been supported by a number of Foundations and by project-based research grants CIW staff have been successful at finding. The University of Waterloo and Faculty of Applied Health Sciences have been providing support for office space and expertise of professors and staff in various departments throughout campus, since the project's move to campus in 2011. Funding for CIW staff and students, computer equipment, and other related research expenses are the responsibility of the CIW.

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