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Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, University of Waterloo

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Jiri Zuzanek's University of Waterloo profile

Prior to appointment at Waterloo, Dr. Zuzanek taught sociology at universities in Czechoslovakia, Sweden, and New York. His interests in the sociology of leisure, mass culture, fine arts audiences and participants, and life quality among the elderly, are reflected in his four books and about 70 articles and chapters in edited works. His work has been supported by over 30 grants, mainly from Canadian government agencies involved in the arts, communications, commerce, fitness, international relations, social science research and statistics, and others. Dr. Zuzanek has been Associate Editor or reviewer for several sociology and leisure journals and has reviewed grant proposals for the Canada Council, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, National Endowment for the Arts, and other agencies. He has given invited papers throughout the U.S. and Canada and a dozen other countries.

Selected publications 

Zuzanek. J. What happened to the society of leisure? Canadian time use and well-being trends 1981-2010.  Social Indicators Research. (accepted 30 September 2015) (published online 07 October 2015)

Zuzanek, J. Work and leisure in Thomas More’s “Utopia”. Leisure Studies. (accepted for publication)

Zuzanek, J.  Youth’s use of time. In: K. Greer & A. Smith (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Youth Sport. (to be published 2016)

Zuzanek , J. & Zuzanek, T. (2014). Of happiness and of despair, is there a measure? Time use and subjective well-being.  Journal of Happiness Studies.  (published online  11 June 2014)

Zuzanek, J. (2013). Does being well-off make us happier? Problems of measurementJournal of Happiness Studies14 (3), 795-815.

Zuzanek, J. (2013). Sunday blues: Have Sunday time use and its emotional connotations changed over the past two decades? Time & Society 23 (1), 6-27.

Zuzanek, J. (2009). Time use imbalance: Developmental and emotional costs. In K. Matuska & C. H. Christiansen (Eds.). Life Balance: Multidisciplinary Theories and Research, 207-222.
Zuzanek, J. (2006). Adolescent time use and well-being from a comparative perspective. Loisir et Société / Society and Leisure, 28(2), 379-424.
Cushman, G., Veal, A. J., & Zuzanek, J. (Eds.). (2005). Free time and leisure participation: International perspectives. Oxford, UK: Cabi Publishers.
Zuzanek, J., & Manhell, R. (1998). Life-cycle squeeze, time pressure, daily stress, and leisure participation: A Canadian perspectiveLoisir et société/Society and Leisure21(2), 513-544.
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