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School of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Health, University of Waterloo 

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Dr. Meyer’s research interests include access to and uptake of preventative services in Canada; access to and social determinants of bariatric surgery; equity in access to healthcare services; food regulation and policy; systems thinking, and trust in food. Her current major research focus is the critical issue of trust in healthcare and its implications for preventative service utilization. Specifically, she is interested in the role of trust in Canadians’ use of immunization and cancer screening programs. As a member of the Canadian Immunization Research Network (Social Sciences and Humanities Network), Meyer’s work also more broadly investigates barriers to vaccine uptake (e.g. vaccine hesitancy). Meyer’s research foci all relate to patient wellbeing as it relates to equity and access to healthcare in Canada and internationally. 

Selected publications 

Meyer, S. B., Booth, S., Gray, J., Hakendorf, P., McNaughton, D., Mwanri, D., Thompson, C., & Ward, P.R. (2014). Quantitative analysis of bariatric procedure trends 2001-2013 in South Australia: implications for equity in access and public healthcare expenditure. Australian Health Review, 39, 63–69.

Ward, P.R., Coffee, C., Wilson, C., Javanparast, S., & Meyer, S.B. (2014). Institutional (mis)trust in colorectal cancer screening: a qualitative study with Greek, Iranian, Anglo-Australian and Indigenous groups. Health Expectations. doi: 10.1111/hex.12276 

Meyer, S.B., Ward, P.R., & Coveney, J. (2014). A qualitative study of CVD management and dietary changes: problems of 'too much' and 'contradictory' information. BMC Family Practice, 15(25). doi 10.1186/1471-2296-15-25

Meyer, S.B. (2013). Investigations of trust in public and private healthcare in Australia: A qualitative study of patients with heart diseaseJournal of Sociology, 51 (2), 221-235. doi 10.1177/1440783313500855

Meyer, S.B., Ward, P.R., & Jiwa, M. (2012). Does prognosis and socioeconomic status impact on trust in physicians? Interviews with patients with coronary disease in South Australia. BMJ Open, 2(5). 

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