First and foremost, I would like to thank my colleagues at the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, Linda McKessock, Project Manager, and Margo Hilbrecht, Associate Director of Research, who have been so instrumental in making this report a reality. Margo was principally responsible for the compilation and organization of the data, which was a huge undertaking, as well as providing sage counsel on the meanings and impacts of the indicators. Linda provided executive oversight on all of the details for the entire project as well as handling operations, communications, and everything else that no one else was nearly as capable of managing. Thanks, too, to our graduate research assistants, Kai Jiang and Lindsay Kalbfleisch, who skillfully and cheerfully took on all of the tasks, both small and large, we threw their way.

A particular special word of thanks goes out to Dominique O’Rourke, Accolade Communications, who provided extremely helpful and insightful assistance in the preparation of this report, as well as brilliant media and communications advice. Thanks also to Sylvain Lortie, freelance translator and owner of Solutions SL, for his careful and thoughtful translation of our work.

Notably, we also would like to acknowledge the time and expertise provided by a number of individuals who participated in our policy workshop. Facilitated on our behalf by Sean Geobey of the University of Waterloo, the discussions at the workshop gave rise to many of the ideas and recommendations reflected in the final section of this report, Closing the Gap: Innovative and Integrated Policy Directions.

  • Laura Anthony, Samara Canada
  • Florence Campbell, Kingston and Area Community Foundation*
  • Norm Campbell, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association
  • Viola Dessanti, Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Karen Farbridge, Karen Farbridge and Associates*
  • Andrew Harvey, St. Mary’s University
  • Annie Kidder, People for Education
  • Bonnie Mah, Maytree Foundation
  • Heather Mair, University of Waterloo
  • William Michelson, University of Toronto**
  • Nazeem Muhajarine, University of Saskatchewan**
  • Kate Rybczynski, University of Waterloo**
  • Katherine Scott, Canadian Council on Social Development**
  • Sherri Torjman, Caledon Institute
  • Charles Ungerleider, Directions Evidence and Policy Research Group*
  • Chris Winter, Canada Conserves
  • Scott Wolfe, Canadian Association of Community Health Centres
  • Lisa Wolff, UNICEF Canada

Bryan Smale, Ph.D.

Director, Canadian Index of Wellbeing,

University of Waterloo

* CIW Advisory Board Member

** CIW Research Associate

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