Viewing the data sets

Data in the Canadian Index of Wellbeing Data Repository (CIWDR) can be viewed on the repository website. To protect the data, users of the site can only view the abstract and information about the data collection, coverage, and the number of cases.

Using data sets

To access data housed in the CIWDR, researchers must submit a data request application to the CIWDR advisory committee. Successful applications are forwarded to the owner of the data, if the data are not original CIW studies.

To protect the confidentiality of data and to ensure that research using data from the repository is credible and contributes to scientific knowledge that will benefit the public good, application approval will be based on the merit of the research project and security provisions in place at the researcher’s institution to protect the confidentiality of data.

Normally, the results of the review will be communicated to the principal investigator within two weeks of receiving the data request application. Data users are required to sign a data use agreement that stipulates that the data will be used ethically and responsibly.

It is important to understand that you will have access only to the data specified in your approved research project and only for the purpose of completing that project. You must submit an application for any research project in which you wish to use CIWDR data. A separate application is required if you wish to answer a different question using the same or different data.

Applications for student research must be submitted by the student’s academic supervisor. The supervisor will be the point of contact for all communication with the CIWDR and any affiliated.