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How are Canadians really doing?

Graph comparing GDP increase of 28.9% to CIW increase of 5.7%As a measure of economic consumption, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) adds up every penny spent including on harmful activities. Tobacco sales, natural and human-made disasters, crime, war and depletion of natural resources all make GDP soar. Not surprisingly it provides a rather overly rosy view of how well Canadians are doing.

21.8% increase in Education domain

14.3% increase in Living standards domain

10.3% increase in community vitality domain

7.0% increase in democratic engagement domain

4.9% increase in healthy populations domain

1.3% increase in time use domain

7.8% decrease in leisure and culture domain

10.8% decrease in environment domain


The Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) adopts a much broader view of progress, adding activities that are beneficial and subtracting activities that are harmful to our society. It gives a more realistic picture of our wellbeing, balancing gains in some areas against losses in others.

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