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School Health Profile

Each participating school receives a 20-page School Health Profile (PDF)Summary for Schools (PDF), and a Summary for Parents (PDF) of the results from their school.  The profile outlines results from your school on tobacco, drug and alcohol use, bullying, school connectedness and mental health.

Your School Health Profile will detail:

  • How your school compares to other schools in your province, on substance abuse, bullying and school connectedness.
  • How connected, happy and safe students feel at your school.
  • The connection between substance abuse and other issues at your school.
  • Resources for your school to address substance abuse, school connectedness, bullying and mental health issues.
The one-page summaries are designed to be distributed to parents and the broader school community to help inform the greater school community about the health and well-being of their students.  
Each school has control of the distribution of their results.