MTE Consultants Inc. Design Pitch Award for Capstone Design in Environmental and Geological Engineering / Civil Engineering

Funded by MTE Consultants Inc.


  • Fall: Student teams enrolled in Waterloo Engineering’s fourth year Environmental and Geological Engineering Capstone Design course.
  • Spring:  Student teams enrolled in Waterloo Engineering’s fourth year Civil Engineering Capstone Design course.


The main objectives of this event are to:

  • Enable industry feedback to our student design teams and encourage more industry participation in the Civil/Environmental/Geological Engineering Capstone Design courses
  • Motivate students to think about how to sell and showcase their ideas
  • Provide an event, well before graduation, where MTE can see our top student design teams in action.           

Value of award

Fall: Environment Engineering and Geological Engineering contest

$3,000 -- first place team                                     

$1,100 – second place team                                     

$400 – third place team

Spring: Civil Engineering contest

$3,000 -- first place team                                     

$1,100 – second place team                                     

$400 – third place team

Application deadline

No application necessary.  

Application and selection process

The following process applies to both the fall and spring pitch contests:

  • The top six design teams will be identified on the basis of their final presentations in the design course and they will be selected, in part, by peer evaluations.  These six teams will be invited to participate in the contest.
  • The precise ranking process will be determined by the course instructors and Capstone Coordinator but at least half the invited teams will be based solely on peer evaluations. 
  • Selection of award winners out of the six finalists will be based on a judging panel of three MTE judges and two Civil and Environmental Engineering department professors, all of whom are independent of all the participating teams design projects.
  • Judges will evaluate the quality of a 10 minute student presentations that pitch their design team as the best choice for Phase II of their project.  Student teams will pretend they are competing to be awarded the Phase II design contract for their project against other bidders.
  • The award funds will be distributed equally among the winning team members.
  • Students receiving OSAP must claim this award as a resource.

MTE Consultants Inc.

MTE Consultants Inc. has served Southwestern Ontario since 1985 with offices in Burlington, Kitchener, London and Stratford. MTE enhances the value of our clients' projects by providing innovative solutions and management expertise in a personal, cost effective and timely manner. MTE would like to support the Pitch awards to inspire the students to showcase their innovative design ideas.