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Academic career preparation

The job market for academic positions is very competitive. While your home department and faculty mentors are best positioned to give you the nitty-gritty details about hiring practices in your discipline, the Centre for Career Action  provides expertise on the academic job search, CV writing, cover letters, academic interviews, and negotiating job offers.

Search committees routinely have to sort through over 100 applications for faculty jobs, so be sure you don't give them a reason to weed out your application.

Meet with us early in your PhD or master's program to help you devise a strategy and make a plan. The more you know early on in your degree, the better prepared you will be when you enter the job market. 

A typical tenure-track faculty job application process requires:

  • An outstanding CV that demonstrates an excellent record of research, teaching, grant writing, and service
  • A tailored, well-written, and convincing covering letter that outlines your "fit" (for the job, department and school) and which focuses on the future (what your next project will be, how you will bolster the reputation or strengths of the department, etc.)
  • A research statement of 1 to 2 pages that outlines your research to date and, more importantly, one that outlines your next, and future, research project(s)
  • A teaching portfolio that demonstrates and provides evidence of your teaching excellence and experience
  • Samples of your published work (or of your dissertation)
  • A campus interview

How the Centre for Career Action can help

The Centre for Career Action can help you with your CV, cover letter, and interview. Visit our workshops and events page as well as our appointments page to get started!

For help with your teaching dossier, contact the Centre for Teaching Excellence and enrol in their "Teaching Dossier" workshop.