R/UWaterloo Reddit Ask-Me-Anything

What is a Reddit AMA?

Ask Me Anythings (AMAs) provide students the opportunity to engage with and ask questions to a panel of industry experts from a variety of fields and career topics. A brief bio of each panelist and their career journey is posted to the AMA page at launch so that students can know where to best direct their questions.

How does it work?

A CCA advisor posts a thread to r/UWaterloo introducing the panelists. Students have 48 hours to submit any questions they have. Topics range from working in the industry to education needed, and much more. The panel is given the questions, and the answers are posted within the next 48 hours. 

When can I find out more about these AMAs?

CCA hosts multiple AMAs throughout each year. Follow CCA on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to find out when AMAs are being posted and which industry or career topic will be featured.

Check out some past AMAs

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