Salad Selections for all Summer Outdoor Packages

Mixed greens with local cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and house made vinaigrette

Spinach and strawberry salad with almond and balsamic vinaigrette

Classic Caesar salad with house double smoked bacon

Kale, quinoa and mango with pomegranate champagne vinaigrette

Moroccan, carrot and chickpea salad with orange and cinnamon vinaigrette

Broccoli and farro salad with cranberry and feta

Arugula, pecan, goat cheese, mandarin and blueberries

Curried rice salad with dried fruit and fresh herbs

(30 person minimum)

Backyard BBQ


Your choice of two salads (from above)

Your choice of two entréesSausage on a bun, grilled chicken, and grilled vegetables

  • Ontario 6 oz beef burger (halal)

  • Local Stemmler sausage

  • Grilled chicken breast

Veggie burger

Village Bakery and poppy seed buns

Assorted condiments

Assorted fresh pies, fresh fruit and assorted squares

Garden Party


Your choice of three salads (from above)

Your choice of two entrees

  • House smoked beef brisket

  • House smoked pulled pork

  • Tandoori chicken skewers

  • Jerk marinated chicken thighs

Your choice of one vegetarian entree

  • Portobello burger
  • Veggie burger

Assorted condiments

Village Bakery buns, Local Grain Harvest pretzel buns, grilled naan, Housemade corn bread (as appropriate)

Tiramisu, red fruit Charlotte, pecan pie and fresh fruit

Summer Gala


Chilled gazpacho shots

Your choice of three salads (from above)

Your choice of two entrees

  • Tandoori chicken skewers

  • House smoked beef brisket

  • Grilled salmon with tomato salsa fresca

  • Chili lime shrimp satay

  • Thai BBQ chicken breast

Your choice of one vegetarian entree

  • Beyond Meat burger

  • Portobello burger

Assorted Village Bakery and local breads as appropriate

Vegetable skewer

Assorted condiments

Red fruit Charlotte, macaroons, lemon tarts and fresh fruit