Central Stores Business Operations - Re: COVID-19

June 15, 2022

Operational hours: Monday to Friday,  7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Closed: Friday July 1, Monday August 1, Monday September 5, Monday October 10

All Receiving (x42262), Shipping (x46621), Bookings (x42207), Mail Delivery/Pickup (x49162), Letter Shop (x42034), Canada Post Outgoing Mail Processing (x43124), Moving & Storage (x46305), Gas Cylinder Processing (x49394), Used Product Handling (x42821), Office Paper Recycling/Shredding (x46305) and Digital Imaging services (x49393) have resumed normal operation. 

To discuss services, email Rob Mcmurren

COVID-19 safety protocols in place.


UW Glass Shop - Auction Items

This auction will run for three days of June 7, 8 and 9, with the highest bid amount received by 4pm posted on the first and second night.  The third auction day will be the last and final bidding day.

The winner of each item must pay with certified cheque or cash.

Winners will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Items will be available for pick up from the E6 loading dock.

UW reserves the right to end an auction item and remove it from the sale if a minimum bid amount is not provided.

Buyer Beware, All sales are final.

Email Tom Dean with your Name, Company and Phone Number to register to bid.

Submit your bids to uwgsauction@uwaterloo.ca  These are the only bids which will be accepted, after registering is complete.

The first items up for bid will be the following 4 pieces
(4 separate auctions). 

Item 1:  BIDDING is now CLOSED, and the WINNING BID was $12,000. Thank you to all bidders for this item.
Heathway 24" x 36" Tilting Bed Glass Lathe
c/w: horizontal & vertical milling capacity, 3 jaw glass chucks, 4" dia. through hole, variable speed, travelling head stock adjustment, 4" expandable tailstock head.  NOTES: 220-V / 1Phz/60A, machine is very rare, unique piece with historical value.  Complete with two (2) torch heads and tubing, as shown in the photo.

tilting bed glass lathe

glass blowing equipment

glass blowing equipment

glass blowing equipment

Item 2: BIDDING is now CLOSED, and the WINNING BID was $1620.  Thank you to all bidders for this item.
Wilt 200 Annealing Oven
c/w: oven dimensions L 60" x W 18" x H 21", programmable temp control, 1 hour soak time, manual raise and lower.
NOTES: 240V / 3Phz / 22A

Wilt 200 Annealing oven

open oven

Item 3: BIDDING is now CLOSED, and UW has removed this item from the Auction as the minimum bid was not reached.  Thank you to all bidders for this item.
Dyna-Cut 1500-HD-14 Precision cut off machine
c/w: up to 14" cut-off wheel, 4 1/2" capacity, external coolant/dust control, manual feed, rebuild cartage spindles, 3HP.
NOTES: 240V / 3Phz / 18A, 2 diamond blades

precision cu-off machine

Item 4: BIDDING is now CLOSED, and the WINNING BID was $150.  Thank you to all bidders for this item.
Nortel Mfg Desktop bench burner
c/w: Mid-range burner, minor burner on top

desktop bench burner