To use the following equipment, please contact the appropriate operators.

Equipment name Location Operator Operation Mode
JSM 6460 SEM (CFI) E3-2117B Yuquan Ding Operator/TC
Micro-XRD E3-2117A Yuquan Ding Only with operator
Optical Profiler E3-3139 Yuquan Ding Operator/TC
Nano-Indenter E3-2168 Yuquan Ding Operator/TC
Low Power Laser E3-2168 Boyd Panton Only with operator
Micro-Tensile Tester E3-2169 Boyd Panton Operator/TC
Wafering Saw E3-2169 Boyd Panton Operator/TC
Diode Laser E3-2116 Dulal Saha Only with  operator