Friction Stir Welder (Jafo Manual Milling machine)

SpecificationsA milling machine

  • Displacement control FSW
  • 7.5 HP spindle, tool rotation speeds of 56-1800 RPM
  • Travel speeds of 11 to 2000 mm/min
  • Suitable for FSW for aluminum and magnesium alloys of 1 to 12 mm in thickness, and steels less than 2 mm

Video of Friction Stir Welding

Refill Friction Stir Welding Equipment

SpecificationsRefill friction stir welding equipment

  • 20,000 weld tooling life
  • 5,000 weld cleaning intervals
  • Spindle speed of 3000 rpm, 2.2 kW
  • Welding speed up to 3.6 mm/s
  • Maximum force 11 kN

Refill friction stir spot weld model

Figure 1) Refill friction stir spot weld model

two welds -  conventional friction stir spot weld and refill friction stir spot weld

Figure 2) Example refill friction stir spot weld: no keyhole depression on surface, higher strength than conventional friction stir welding spot

Cross-section of refill friction stir spot weld

Figure 3) Cross section of Refill Friction Stir Spot Well (Chan, Gocke, Ahmad, Scotchmer, Gerlich, SWMC 2012)