Position: One PhD student, for 3-4 years, one Master's of Applied Science (MASc) student, for two years
Employer: University of Waterloo, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Work location: Waterloo
Starting date: Spring 2009


New opportunities have opened up for candidates to work on research projects in the fields of microjoining, electronic packaging, microsystem design, and numerical simulations, together with industrial sponsors.


  • Characterization of materials, bonding processes, and microjoint reliability
  • Development/testing of microsensors for accelerated reliability testing
  • Developing microjoining processes with improved reliability


  • University degree in microsystems, electrical, mechanical, or mechatronics engineering or in experimental/applied physics.
  • Willingness to travel abroad.

The successful candidate is innovative, thinks critically, has a positive attitude, is responsive, communicative, and sincerely interested in the success of our research group. He/she is persistent in pursuing project goals, able to motivate himself/herself, and aspires professionalism.


Professor Michael Mayer
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Waterloo
Email: mmayer@uwaterloo.ca