Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact InformationDaozhi

Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1

Phone: 5198884567 ex 36071

Office: E3 3110/RAC1 2106

Biographical Information

  • PhD, Tsinghua University

Thesis Supervisor(s)

  • Professor¬†Norman Zhou


[1] Daozhi Shen, Ming Xiao, Guisheng Zou, et al. Self-powered wearable electronics based on moisture enabled electricity generation. Advanced Materials. 2018, 30: 1705925.

[2] Daozhi Shen, Guisheng Zou, Lei Liu, et al. Scalable high-performance ultraminiature graphene micro-supercapacitors by a hybrid technique combining direct writing and controllable micro-droplet transfer. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2018, 10: 5404-5412.

[3] Daozhi Shen, Guisheng Zou, Lei Liu, et al. Investigation of impact and spreading of molten nanosized gold droplets on solid surfaces. Applied Optics. 2018, 57:2080-2086.

[4] Daozhi Shen, Guisheng Zou, Lei Liu, et al. Investigation of splashing phenomena during the impact of molten sub-micron gold droplets on solid surfaces. Soft Matter. 2016, 12:295-301.

[5] Ming Xiao*, Daozhi Shen*, Kevin Musselman, et al. Oxygen vacancy migration/diffusion induced synaptic plasticity in a single titanate nanobelt. Nanoscale. 2018, 10: 6069-6079.

[6] Lei Liu, Daozhi Shen, Guisheng Zou, et al. Cold welding of Ag nanowires by large plastic deformation. Scripta Materialia. 2016, 15:112-116.

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