PhD student

Biographical Information

2005: Graduate Research Assistant, Fraunhofer Institute of Lasertechnology, Aachen, Germany
2003: MSc, Mechatronics, Technical University Hamburg Harburg, Germany
1998: BE, Automobile Engineering, University of Mysore, India

Research Projects

Diode laser welding of advanced high strength steel (AHSS)

  • Study of the feasibility of producing butt and edge-fillet welds in automotive AHSS with high power diode laser
  • Study of effect of process parameters and process robustness
  • Development of a thermal model of diode laser welding on sheet
  • Measurement of absorptivity of surfaces and investigation of effects of surface condition
  • Investigation of mechanisms of weld pool formation

Project sponsor(s)

  • Auto21, one of the Networks of Centres of Excellence supported by the Canadian Government
  • Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund Alcan Inc.

Project supervisor(s)

  • Professor Scott Lawson
  • Professor Y. Norman Zhou

Selected Publications

  • Khalil, A., Sreenivasan, N. 2005., “Study of Experimental and simulation of laser ablation in stainless steel”, Laser Physics Letter 1-7(2005) No. NR15-70/2004E-MRC.
University of Waterloo