M. Shehryar Khan

NSERC Scholar & PhD Candidate

Contact Information


Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1

Phone: (519) 888-4567, x33326

Office: E3-3110
Email:  shehryar.khan@uwaterloo.ca

Biographical Information

Shehryar is an NSERC Scholar and senior PhD Candidate working as a mechanical engineer and a materials scientist in the field of advanced materials processing, specifically related to welding, joining, and cladding applications. His research focus is on the advanced processing of different types of pure metals and metallic alloys, and his research expertise is in advanced materials characterization, advanced mechanical testing and failure analysis, with a strong foundation in materials processing (i.e., coating techniques, heat treatment, laser welding, laser cladding, arc and laser brazing, and laser-arc hybrid brazing). He completed his Honors BASc in Mechanical Engineering (Welding and Joining Specialization) with a Minor in Economics with Distinction at the University of Waterloo. He started his graduate program at CAMJ as a MASc student but was transferred directly to a Ph.D. in 2019.

During his time as a graduate student, Shehryar has published several peer-reviewed journal papers, has an international patent to his name, and has given numerous technical presentations at the institutional, national and international levels. Shehryar holds the prestigious NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship and has won many awards and scholarships including the Nanofellowship Award, the Paul Niessen-Teck Award, and several Engineer of the Future Awards.


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Research Interests

  • Process development and optimization for Laser Welding, Laser Brazing, MIG Brazing, and Laser-Arc Hybrid Brazing used in the automotive industry
  • Numerical modelling of 3D laser heat sources to simulate laser welding
  • Physical metallurgy
  • Welding metallurgy
  • Advanced materials characterization (specifically for coated advanced high strength steels and Cu-based brazing alloys) using techniques such as digital image correlation, optical and laser microscopy, image analysis, SEM, EBSD, EPMA, XRD, and TEM.
  • Advanced data processing techniques
  • Alloy design and modelling
  • Phase transformation kinetics
  • Diffusion kinetics
  • Advanced mechanical testing of welded and brazed joints for automotive applications

Thesis Supervisor(s)

  • Professor Norman Zhou
  • Professor Elliot Biro

Teaching Experience and Credentials

  • Course Developer & Instructor – GENE 499 (The Wicked Problem of Climate Change) – University of Waterloo | Fall 2022, Winter 2023 |
  • Completed the Certificate in University Teaching offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence and GSPA (Graduate Certificate)
  • Completed the Fundamentals in University Teaching Program offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence (Diploma)
  • Teaching Assistant – ME 115 (Structure & Properties of Materials) – University of Waterloo | Winter 2019, Spring 2019 |
  • Teaching Assistant – Mech72130 (Dynamics) – Conestoga College | Spring 2018, Spring 2019 |
  • Guest Lectures: ME 115, ME 235, ME 535, ME 735
  • Relevant Courses: Industrial Metallurgy, Welding and Joining, Energy Conversion, Machine Design, Intro to Mechanics, Mechanics of Deformable Solids, Manufacturing Processes, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Differential Equations, Dynamics of Machines, Heat Transfer, Advanced Calculus, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering Design

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