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Key success factors

  • Sheridan’s animation program was ranked number one in the world by Animation Career Review in 2019. The international attention creates demand for work experience students and helps to build relationships with new and existing host organizations.  

  • Sheridan has offered animation courses for over 50 years, creating a strong network of alumni interested in supporting student development and career success.  

  • A strong network of faculty with plenty of industry experience provide their expertise in preparing students for work as a professional animator.  

  • Students enter the experience with a breadth of skills and use the experience to narrow their interests and find their fit within the industry. This prepares them for their fourth-year independent film project and entrance into the workforce.  

Unique characteristics

  • The highly ranked program creates demand from domestic and international studios, providing students with opportunities to combine travel and work experience. Students have completed experiences with globally renowned studios such as Disney.  

  • Sheridan’s strong industry reputation allows the program to place a high number of students.  

  • Students raise the profile of the program through their career success, even while still enrolled in the program. In 2020, a group of third year students won an Annie Award for Best Student Film from Hollywood chapter of the International Animated Film Society (ASIFA). 


  • The creative nature of the industry creates an additional layer of complexity to find a fit between the student’s and studio’s artistic styles.  

  • The animation industry is currently very busy, resulting in high demand for students; however, the industry can be cyclical, meaning there's potential for a downturn and subsequent reduction in opportunities. 

  • The work experience is an opportunity for students to refine their creative perspective, hone related skills, and find their best fit within the animation industry. Some students require more support with this type of reflection.  



Key characteristics

  • Type: Work Experience 
  • Year program was established: 2005; was previously a diploma program 
  • Number of students per year: ~130
  • Number of employers/partners per year: 100+
  • Programs/academic disciplines participating: Honours Bachelor of Animation
  • Duration of experience: 420 hours, completed over four months 
  • Submitted by: Joanne Islip