Investigating the recruiter and supervisor perspective

Principal researchers

David Drewery, Judene Pretti, Phil Gardner (Michigan State University)


Organizational members including co-op and intern recruiters (i.e., those who recruit students for work terms) and students’ direct supervisors play important roles in students’ experiences. Understanding the perspectives that these individuals hold, including their needs and expectations for students, is important to preparing students for successful work terms. Results gathered in conjunction with Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute (CERI) reveal that recruiters and supervisors have similar perspectives towards students. They describe students as playing the role of student/learner and employee/worker simultaneously. Successful work terms are defined by both groups in terms of benefits that accrue to both students and organizations, with emphasis on students first. Insights from this project will be used to prepare students to satisfy organizational members, creating mutual benefit for students and organizations. 

Note: Funding for Waterloo’s contribution to this study is provided by the Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund (OHCRIF).