519-888-4567 x38718, X31895
ERC 2007, E7 7436
Research Expertise
  • Post combustion air pollution control
  • Syngas purification
  • Thermochemical process for alternative fuel production

Air Pollution Research and Innovation Laboratory

Powertrain and Emissions→Emissions Control; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x37560
EC4 1031
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Modeling/Simulation and real-time control of metal laser additive manufacturing
  • Micro-scale additive manufacturing
  • Opto-mechanical dual-parameter optical sensors developed through additive manufacturing

Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Advanced Manufacturing; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x42864
E7 5432
Research Expertise
  • Authorization systems
  • Information security
  • Network security technologies, in particular wireless technology
Connected and Autonomous→Vehicle to Everything Communications (V2X); T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x33442
E6 5016
Research Expertise
  • Analysis and design of co-extrusion dies
  • Analysis and on-line monitoring of polymer compounding operations
  • Analysis of polymer mixing in twin screw extruders
  • Chemical modification and functionalization of polymers by reactive extrusion
  • Compounding of polymers for fuel cell applications
  • Devulcanization of recycled rubber with supercritical carbon dioxide
  • Extrusion of polymers and polymer blends with supercritical fluids
  • Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of polymer processing operations
  • Polymer micronization using supercritical carbon dioxide

Institute for Polymer Research

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Composites and Polymers; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x35455
MC 6326
Research Expertise
  • Mathematical imaging
  • Diagnostically lossless medical image compression
  • Fractal-based methods of analysis and approximation
  • Dynamical systems and their applications
Lightweighting and Fabrication→Component Structures, Composites and Polymers; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x33968
E3 4108
Research Expertise
  • Automated mechatronics design
  • Flexible link manipulators
  • Haptics
  • Nonlinear control
  • Robot manipulators
  • Telehaptics
Connected and Autonomous→Vehicle to Everything Communications (V2X); Powertrain and Emissions→Power Electronics; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x32205
E3 4118
Research Expertise
  • Aerial and Terrestrial Autonomous Vehicles, Rovers, Quadrotors and Blimps
  • Autonomous Perception and Navigation in Unknown Environments
  • Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Multi-Agent Control
  • Distributed and Decentralized Optimization

Waterloo Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory (WAVE Lab)

Connected and Autonomous→Automated Driving, Collaborative Driving, Vehicle to Everything Communications (V2X); T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x43345
E7 3402
Research Expertise
  • Development of improved diagnostic techniques for use in reacting and non-reacting flows
  • Reacting turbulent flows: fires and fire modeling, pool fire research
  • Stability considerations in turbulent flows

The University of Waterloo Fire Research Group

Structure and Safety→Occupant Protection; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x38356, x43347
E5 3047, E7 7324
Research Expertise
  • Boiling water heat transfer
  • Casting of light metals
  • Hot deformation of metallic materials
  • Microstructure/processing models
  • Process modelling
Lightweighting and Fabrication→Casting, Forming, Materials and Processing; Structure and Safety→Structural Crashworthiness; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 ext 38362
E3 3151
Research Expertise
  • Biofuel Combustion
  • CO2 capture and storage
  • Combustion generated particulates
  • Energy utilization and storage technologies
  • Nanotechnology-based energy devices

Laboratory for Emerging Energy Research

Powertrain and Emissions→Emissions Control, Fuel cells; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x31121
DC 3734
Research Expertise
  • Heterogeneous integration
  • Laser processing of materials
  • Materials and devices for flexible electronics
  • Materials and devices for solid-state lighting
  • Nanofabrication for energy conversion and storage, sensing, and nanoelecronics
Powertrain and Emissions→Batteries, Sensors; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x35830
EC4 1141
Research Expertise
  • High strain rate material behaviour
  • Numerical simulation of vehicle crashworthiness
  • Sheet metal forming and tube hydroforming
  • Structural crashworthiness

Forming and Impact Mechanics Research

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Forming; Structure and Safety→Material Characterization, Structural Crashworthiness; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x35442
E3 3152
Research Expertise
  • Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics
  • Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Flow and Noise Control
  • Fluid Structure Interactions

Fluid Mechanics Research Laboratory

Powertrain and Emissions→Flow Analysis; Structure and Safety→Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH); T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x32152
E3 3159

Research Expertise

  • Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)/Nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS)
  • Microassembly
  • Nanodevices for biomedical applications

Advanced Micro/Nano Devices Lab

Powertrain and Emissions→Sensors; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x38799
E6 2008
Research Expertise
  • Functionalization of carbon nanotubes and graphene
  • Nanomaterials (nanotubes, wires, platelets, and particles) synthesis and processing
  • Nanomaterials for engineering nanocomposites, solar cells, and sensors/actuators

Applied Carbon Nanotechnology Group

Powertrain and Emissions→Batteries, Sensors; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x32567
EC4 2017
Research expertise
  • Haptics
  • Human and biomedical engineering
  • Intelligent mechatronic control systems
  • Mobile robot navigation
  • Modelling, simulation, and systems theory
  • Signal imaging processing
Connected and Autonomous→Human Machine Interface (HMI), Telematics; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x36095
E5 3007
Research expertise
  • Diffusion brazing
  • Laser and resistance welding
  • Microjoining: wire bonding, laser and resistance microwelding, soldering, etc.
  • Nanojoining and nanofabrication

​Centre for Advanced Materials Joining

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Joining, Multi-memory Materials; Structure and Safety→Corrosion; T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x35354
EIT 4159
Research Expertise
  • Radio Positioning
  • Wireless communications
  • Wireless Networking

Broadband Communications Research Group

Connected and Autonomous→Mobile Security, Vehicle to Everything Communications (V2X); T to Z profiles
519-888-4567 x38666
E6 2012
Research Expertise
  • Polymers, interfacial phenomena and surface chemistry
  • Advanced coating and adhesive bonding technology
  • Multifunctional "green" and "smart" materials and processes, additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

Centre of Advanced Material Joining (CAMJ)

Institute of Polymer Research (IPR)

Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Advanced Manufacturing, Composites and Polymers, Joining; T to Z profiles