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E3 2133J
Research Expertise
  • Combustion diagnostics and nanoparticle metrology
  • Gas/surface scattering
  • Inverse analysis and optimal design of heat transfer systems
  • Molecular gas dynamics
  • Thermal radiation heat transfer

Inverse Problems in Combustion and Heat Transfer

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Casting, Forming, Materials and Processing; Powertrain and Emissions→Emissions Control; Structure and Safety→Structural Crashworthiness; A to D profiles
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E5 3036
Research Expertise
  • Friction stir welding and processing, roll bonding, overlay welding
  • Materials characterization of light alloys, steels, and metal matrix composites using quantitative electron microscopy
  • Physical metallurgy of welded components

Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ)

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Materials and Processing; Structure and Safety→Material Characterization; E to H profiles
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E6 4006
Research Expertise
  • Biomaterials and sustainability
  • Environmental engineering
  • Protein and biomimetic engineering
  • Treatment of organic wastes

Personal Website

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Materials and Processing; I to M profiles
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E6 4010
Research Expertise
  • Diffusion transport in biomaterials and polymeric films
  • Enzyme reaction engineering
  • Food proteins and processes
  • Membrane filtration processes
  • Protein recovery and purification

Centre of Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Materials and Processing; I to M profiles
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DWE 1523, DWE 1524, QNC 5601
Research Expertise
  • Correlation of syntheses-structure-properties of polymers
  • Development and evaluation of novel bioproducts for automotive applications
  • Development of composite materials and leading-edge technologies in nanomaterials
  • Development of polymer nanocomposites
  • Fuel cell materials
  • Mathematical modeling of polymerization mechanisms

Institute for Polymer Research

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Composites and Polymers, Materials and Processing; N to S profiles