Research Expertise

  • Transportation systems data collection and modeling¬†
  • Energy demand for electric vehicle charging
  • Intercity travel and accessibility
Connected and Autonomous→Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS); Powertrain and Emissions→Batteries; Software and Data→Data - Analytics, Mining and Management, Modelling and Design; A to D profiles
Research Expertise
  • Multiphysics simulations
  • Turbulent simulations (LES, DNS)
  • High-speed aerothermodynamics
  • Trans-/Supercritical combustion¬†
  • Turbulence modelling in two-phase flow
  • High-pressure fuel injector systems
  • Low-order modelling of fluid systems

Multi-Physics Interaction Lab

Powertrain and Emissions→Flow Analysis; Software and Data→Modelling and Design; E to H profiles
Research Expertise
  • Automotive Design
  • Drive-by-wire
  • Electronic stability and control
  • Fatigue and fracture

Waterloo Cases in Design Engineering

Connected and Autonomous→Vehicle Control; Software and Data→Modelling and Design; I to M profiles
Research Expertise
  • Long-term durability of lightweight composites

  • Fatigue and creep failure

  • Impact of composite structures

  • Damage mechanics and constitutive modeling

  • Micromechanics

  • Non-destructive evaluation (NDE)

Composites Research Group

Lightweighting and Fabrication→Component Structures, Composites and Polymers; Software and Data→Modelling and Design; Structure and Safety→Fatigue, Material Characterization, Structural Crashworthiness; I to M profiles