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CPH 3653
Research Expertise
  • Characterization and modeling of contacting interfaces and thermal interface materials
  • Development of compact analytical and empirical models at micro- and nano-scales
  • Development of thermally enhanced greases
  • Entropy generation minimization in electronic systems
  • Experimental and analytical modeling of nano-fluids
  • Micro-scale refrigeration
  • Microelectronics cooling
  • Modeling and development of thermoelectric devices
  • Natural and forced convection cooling
  • Surface roughness in micro-tubes
  • Thermal characterization of metal foams
  • Thermal contact resistance in polymeric interfaces
  • Thermal management of integrated nano-devices and thermal/electric energy conversion

Microelectronics Heat Transfer Laboratory (MHTLab)

Connected and Autonomous→Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS); Lightweighting and Fabrication→Component structures; A to D profiles