University COVID-19 update

All in-person CCCARE programs and research activities at Toby Jenkins Building (TJB) and Lyle Hallman Institute (LHI) have been cancelled until further notice.

Visit the University's Coronavirus Information website for more information.

Teens In Motion

Main gym in the Toby Jenkins Applied Health Research Building.

Teens In Motion (T.I.M.) is an exercise and healthy behaviour program for clinically overweight (BMI>25kg/m2) youth between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. At T.I.M. we introduce teens to sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes without putting the focus on weight loss. Our goal is to help teens develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to make long-term, positive lifestyle changes to improve overall health, well-being and disease-risk.

Classes are directed by certified exercise professionals with assistance from trained student volunteers who provide a fun, encouraging, non-judgemental, "no-pressure" environment. In the program, teens are introduced to fundamental movement patterns, games, and sport skills to help improve their balance and coordination. They are taught how to safely use standard gym equipment following age-appropriate guidelines and are exposed to a variety of cardiovascular and strength training techniques. Teens are provided with a workbook that outlines a weekly lesson on a healthy behaviour and they are asked to set weekly exercise and nutrition goals. Learning in a safe and comfortable environment boosts self-confidence and leads to improved coordination, strength, cardiovascular fitness, which increases the likelihood of participants wanting to engage in physical activity in their school or community.