Clients working out on treadmills and exercise equipment in CCCARE gym.

"Two years after finishing radiation therapy I still look forward to these classes at the 'graduate' level. I have never felt more fit. I even participated in the Run for the Cure!...The support I have received physically and emotionally through this class has been second to none. I am so happy that I dragged myself to that first class, wondering what good this exercise would do me!"

-UW WELL-FIT participant

The STAY-FIT 'graduate program' is an extension of the START-FIT for individuals in cancer treatment. Participants in this program may or may not be undergoing treatment and continue with supervised, individualized exercise programs twice weekly (in-person program and remote options available) in a larger group setting at our facility.

The STAY-FIT program evolved after many of the participants had completed the original program and wanted to continue with exercise in the same type of supportive environment that they experienced in START-FIT. The STAY-FIT program is currently fee-for-service.