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Angela Nyhout, PhD

Angela NyhoutMy main interest lies in the area of narrative, or stories. Every day, we are exposed to many narratives, both fictional and non, in the form of books, TV shows, news stories, and the tales our friends tell us. I’m interested in how children learn to process and understand this important form of communication and how they learn to tell their own narratives. Recently, Dr. O’Neill and I found that mothers’ language surrounding narrative book sharing with their toddlers was more complex than their language surrounding informational (didactic) book sharing, suggesting that there may be benefits associated with early exposure to narratives for children. For my dissertation, I am investigating early readers’ ability to mentally represent (e.g., visualize and imagine) narratives.

MASc Developmental & Communication Science students

SarahJane Garland, 2013

Kimberly Kriter, 2013

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