Stork Awards in German Studies - Application

Status: Active

Scholarship type: Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral

Citizenship status: Canadian, Permanent Resident, International/Visa Student, Aboriginal

Category: Institutional

Term deadline: Winter

Award Description

Please first read the Award Descriptions for information on the purpose of the Award and eligibility.

Application procedure and adjudication

To apply for a Stork Award in German Studies please fill out our online application by March 1. This is for Study Abroad programs beginning between May of the year of application and April the following year (e.g. March 2019 for May 2019 - April 2020 programs).

Please note you will need to submit two documents as part of this application:

  1. A letter of intent. This should be a maximum of one page. Students should detail their experience and background in studying the German language, culture, and history and their motivation and plans for their exchange. They should also include which Germanic & Slavic courses they have taken thus far. The letter of intent should be a Word or PDF file and can be attached to the online application.
  2. Applicants need to provide a letter of acceptance or equivalent for the Study Abroad program demonstrating that this is a recognized institutional Canadian-organized German language or cultural studies program. If a letter of acceptance is not  available, then students should provide details of which program they have applied for. The letter of acceptance or equivalent should be a Word or PDF file and can be attached to the online application.

Applications will be adjudicated by the of the Waterloo Centre for German Studies Awards Committee. Successful applicants who are not Canadian citizens and need a visa for their exchange need to provide evidence of having met all visa requirements before the Stork Award can be released.

After the Study Abroad program:
Award recipients are expected to write a one-page informal report about their experience (in the style of a "thank you letter" to the Stork family). They must submit this to the Waterloo Centre for German Studies one month after completing their program.

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