Bugaboo is a Dutch company known mainly for its lines of up-market strollers.  I use the Bugaboo Frog in class to illustrate the concept of technotonicity: How designs appeal to potential users. 

Bugaboo Frog Stroller

(Bugaboo Frog/Jessica Merz at Flickr.com)

In physical terms, the Frog is praised for its handling, so much so that some people reported that they took it out for a push just to enjoy the feeling of steering it!

In social terms, the Frog was designed to appeal to men by employing a "muscular" aluminum and polycarbonate frame and black coloration.  Since men are playing an increasing role in childcare—and perhaps childcare purchasing decisions—it was important to design a stroller that wasn't too girly.

At a price point of over $750 (US), the Frog is disproportionately patronized by stylish celebrities, like Kate Middleton.  So, it also has considerable snob appeal as well.

Now it seems that Bugaboo is branching out into luggage.  Dezeen reports that the company has produced a line of wheelie suitcases designed for airline travel.  The Bugaboo Boxer is a modular system that can be configured for many combinations of gear and is handsome and easy to handle.

Company founder Max Barenbrug describes its goals in this way:

"If you look around at airports you see lots of people dragging along different types of suitcases and you see them struggling going through the many interactions they have to have with their luggage on their journey – security checks for one," he continued. "We decided to look beyond the suitcase and design 'something' that captured all these movements."

You can also watch a snappy video demonstrating the new gear.

Now, Bugaboo fans can wheel their underwear around in the same style as their babies!

At nearly $1500 for the full system, the Boxer seems to be geared to the same market as the Frog and to produce the same responses.

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